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Hello & Welcome!

Here at First Light Photographic, we are passionate about preserving memories, one photograph at a time. 


As a child, I recall the fascination I had for the box of old photos that my Grandma  had tucked away in the corner of her bureau - and on a rainy day, I loved nothing more than going through them with her and hearing all the stories about long-forgotten times, places and most importantly people.  The funny stories, the happy stories and the sad ones too - each treasured image had its own tale to tell. 


Over the last 17 years, it has been a joy and a privilege to preserve so many people's precious memories: the lady who thought she had lost all of the photos on her memory card of her son growing up - his first birthday, first Christmas, first steps, first day of school - the relief and delight when we were able to retrieve them for her.  The lovely couple whose house had literally burned to the ground whose builders found their charred and water-damaged wedding album amongst the rubble, who entrusted us with the task of restoring over 40 individual photographs,  sourcing an album as close to the original as possible and putting the whole thing together. 


These are just a couple of examples of what makes our job so rewarding.

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